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Called or Chosen

Discover the priceless difference between being called or chosen: the truth behind what it means to be a Christian in this world

A great epiphany occurred to me: that being chosen and being called are two separate things, and even more so, what a true honour it is to be chosen.

The Bible says "many are called but few are chosen" (Matthew 22:14): It paints the perfect picture of our world today. People run back and forth between faith and the world, faith and themselves, faith and desire. Watching this easily-offended humanity we've become only to see people referring to their own selves as gods, as holy and sufficient breaks my heart.

There are friends and people in my close circles I've seen go from being raised in the church, aware and respecting of our Heavenly Creator to a lifestyle of bigamy, self-edification and total regard to the church only as an enemy.

The truth is that if you end up leaving faith in order to 'find yourself', that's because you never truly experienced faith in itself or fully allowed Jesus into your heart in the first place. It is in Him that we discover our true abilities and destinies, so how can you tell yourself that the church kept you from your real self when God is the only one who can show you to it? (2 Peter 2:21-22)

The important thing is to separate our understanding of God from our potential experiences with the average church.

I won't deny that we live in a world where churches aren't always as God called them to be. Some can be toxic and unbiblical and can even grieve God and the Holy Spirit greatly: I've heard of some churches taking the Bible and proposing the idea of 'reconstructing' it themselves. Sadly, some so-called churches take what Jesus clearly states as sin and make it into an acceptable way of living simply based on the perception that the Bible is 'dated'. Unfortunately finding a church nowadays that is fully and completely based on the truth is actually quite difficult. That is why it's important to separate our relationship with God from the experience of a bad church. I myself have moved from church to church (sometimes simply because of relocation), but I can safely say I've tried quite a few. Each church has its own strength and weakness. But at the end of the day, people can make mistakes, but that doesn't mean you should take people's mistakes out on your Eternal Father and assume that just because a church didn't act biblically, that makes God the bad guy.

It saddens me when I see people give up their faith and give up reading the Bible or finding a healthy church all because a Christian or two mistreated them. Of course, I'm not excusing their behaviour, but what I am saying is that we should aim for strength and not such a fragile state of mind that one person's wrong behaviour makes you throw it all away. Then again, if you're still a young believer, pray that God will lead you to brothers and sisters in Christ that can help build you up and strengthen that faith. Sure, it may seem hard, but it is possible!

Jesus died because He loved. The church is something we need for the Bible tells us we should lean on one another, pray for each other, and stand together in faith. But just like everything else in this world, caution needs to be exercised in doing this. The Holy Spirit can help us discern who is genuine and who seeks the Lord with a sincere heart: if you pray, He can guide you to find the people that are trustworthy. The church as a whole is certainly not perfect, but it's necessary for us to grow and be used by the Lord.

I'm so tired of seeing people throwing Christianity under the bus for 'stealing freedom' or 'placing blame' or 'refusing to accept oneself'. What Jesus did when He gave us the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost was to show us a way we can have Him close to us wherever we are. You no longer require a church, an altar, a priest or offering to reach out and talk to God. Through the Holy Spirit and because of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, we have full and complete access to the Father and can henceforth live daily in His love, His wisdom, blessing and holy discernment. How phenomenal is that!?

I pray for every person reading this: perhaps you stumbled on this article by accident or someone sent it to you. I pray that you hear the TRUTH: the church is the body of Christ and it is necessary for us to stand in faith in this world.

Remaining 'true to yourself' is a lie.

The devil is such a trickster. He unfortunately does such a good job at fooling us into thinking we are enough, fooling us into seeing the church as the problem, masking his very existence as non-existent all in order to trap and send us exactly where he convinces us we'll never go if we just 'remain true to ourselves'.

Well the truth of the matter is, our self is deceiving (Jeremiah 17:5), it is ever-changing and constantly uncertain. The loss of identity in the church doesn't happen because what the Bible says is too extreme, it happens because people haven't truly accepted Christ into their lives. People remain selfish and don't want to give full control to a God they don't know. It's understandable at first, but Jesus is not even given a chance! People merely consider what He is and without even trying to get to know Him, they listen to people and their perception of what He seems to be, then dismiss Him without a second thought. All because living life the way I want, or I desire seems much more worth it.

One thing I'll say, is that once you find the TRUTH and experience God in all His glory, not even the SMALLEST OUNCE of you will ever doubt your faith or identity. But let's be honest, living in the world and associating to their constant-changing idea of the truth, you are always bound to not only doubt, but question and even change who you are yet again.

But if you are chosen, then what I have said here will resonate with you and not leave your mind within a matter of seconds. However, if you are only called, you may even think I'm being too harsh or feel offended.

There is something that makes one able to transition from called to chosen: free will.

It is ultimately YOUR decision whether you experience real truth or not.

The called may enter the kingdom of God because God is merciful and kind but their lives would've been only lived in basics. A basic relationship with God, basic experience of the spiritual and basic understanding of the truth. However, the chosen not only receive and believe but practically breathe the very essence of God their whole lives: allowing them to encounter miracles, breakthroughs, supernatural manifestations and an ability to reach the true character of Christ themselves.

It is ultimately YOUR decision on whether you will experience real truth or not. God wants ALL to find it, but not all can because their interest is not selfless and pure but selfish and full of ambition that starts and ends in this life only. I pray that you yearn to be chosen today and not just another called Christian that goes to church every few weeks. Your life will no longer be lead in self, confusion, lack of or identity crises. You will know who you are and you will live a life of peace, love and true contentment when the rest of the world is in panic.

Pray with me today: Lord Jesus, I believe you are the son of God and that you have died for me that I may know who you are. I give my life to you and wish to truly experience and know you. Not as what people say you are but as who you and your holy Word say you are. Forgive me for putting myself above you, Creator. You know best, so I trust you and ask that you show yourself to me in order that the enemy may never have a foothold over my life ever again. I declare I may be called, but today, I am also chosen. And I choose to live my life accordingly. Amen.

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Oct 19, 2022

So true!

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