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A poem about surrendering yourself wholly: a relationship with Jesus means purpose in the emptiness.

Purpose doesn't shield the pain, it's a magnet drawing to sustain.

I love living life with Jesus, every day's an escapade.

His secrets drifting up together. Diligent, they show the pain.

Only then can night be drowned in sorrow filled with darkness and despair.

Yet still I meet my day in honour, flying high on grace so rare. He told me of the world, its horror. An oracle is spoken to again.

The foe we know aims for the chosen with weapons that seem to gain A dream unravelled what's unsung: brothers following the wrong Yet here is my security -- still free although alone.

Jesus loves it when I’m empty: a candid vessel. Hold and use it.

My mind's quiet from the rampant, my pride bound and chained away. Let only Him consume my being. And I will know and I'll remain.


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