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Lovers Longing

Expressing the longing to meet the one God has destined you for: a Song of Songs inspired poem.

I am my lover’s and my lover is mine

Yet days pass with novels unwritten

Still never tasting best-quality wine

Dreams lurk in pieces

Your face I know but don’t call to mind

While my solitude still increases

I hear songs in the dew of morning

Angels humming in my ear

But it isn’t love they sing of

But the sting of longing for you here

Come unveil me now I pray

Let us love our God together

Before the night steals me away

We will feel and touch and breathe

For love cannot be drowned in rivers

It holds a flame of fire underneath

You always vanish with a blink

Don’t you want to hear birds start to sing

Stay beyond hearts torn left and right

Stay beyond the vision of the night


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