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Shine Your Light

Read about the powerful vision the Lord showed me and learn the purpose of your light here on Earth.

“Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” (Ephesians 5:14)

This past week, I’ve truly been under the influence of the Holy Spirit. And he has been teaching me about being spiritually alert. Through this journey, Jesus showed me a vision that I think could truly inspire you today too. It stands to show us the state of those around us but also what we can do to help, and what our responsibility is as children of God living in this temporary world.


The Lord showed me what we call an open vision, so instead of a flash image, the vision went on to tell a story:

I found myself looking out onto this large dark field. It was surrounded by a dark, cloudy sky that held a still storm within its grasp. The entire field was as big as the eye could see. Because it was so dark, I couldn’t see properly what it was covered in. Then, I saw a beam of light suddenly shoot down from the heavens. This phenomenal light dissipated the clouds in its way and brought itself forward without any problem whatsoever. All whilst anything else that may have tried to get through failed. It shot down to the earth in one perfectly defined, singular beam of light and when that happened, I asked the Lord, "what are you showing me?"

He simply told me to look down and tell him what I see. Now that that light came down, it made the ground more evident. That’s when I saw it. The fields were covered in bodies. Dead bodies. One on top of each other, stacked, mixed, all meshed together. That’s when I realised this wasn't a field at all, it was a multitude of bodies creating the illusion of a field. That’s how many there were!

Trying really hard not to cringe or look down into the darkness in fear that I would see blood spilled or detached limbs -- I fixed my eyes upon the spotlight in the distance. The beam was still shining down from above; it didn't flicker or fade.

Instantly, I found myself standing underneath the light. I was in its centre and it was all bright around me. Again, I asked the Lord, "what is going on?"

"Look around," He told me. When I looked forward, I could see the bodies much clearer.

"I know, there's so many. So many dead bodies." I cowered and shut my eyes under the comfort of the light, refusing to step any closer to the corpses before me.

"Look again," The Lord said. "They're not dead, they're sleeping."

When I took a closer look, I realised it was so. There were no wounds or blood or any form of sign to illustrate death. These people were all asleep.

The Lord then interpreted it to me in the spirit that that field of people was the world. But not just the unsaved, but also Christians that are choosing to sleep. Men and women that are asleep and unaware as to the darkness surrounding them. Sleepers with their eyes closed, living in their own imagination and their own rules of life, instead of in the wisdom of real truth.

I listened intently to the Lord's next instructions as He said to me, "I need you to walk around these souls."

I was confused for a moment and a little unenthusiastic at the idea of stepping on top of these bodies, considering there was no ground anywhere to walk around them on.

"When you walk, my light will follow you," the Lord continued. "And when the light touches them, they will awaken. Whilst they are in darkness, they are comfortable sleeping or they don't even know that they are sleeping. You need to bring the light to them and disturb their slumber. Remember, some may still prefer to stay asleep, even when the light shines on them, but don't stop, keep walking through and reach as many as possible."

When I heard what God wanted me to do, I didn't know if I was impressed at how merciful and loving He was that He doesn't even want one soul to remain in darkness, or overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the bodies I needed to walk through. And remember, they were stacked on top of each other!

I saw the image that if one body was to rise, the one underneath would henceforth see the light and they could awaken also. And so on, and so on until the depths of the earth.


The interpretation to this powerful vision wasn't completely clear at first. In all honesty, what I felt initially was just overwhelmed. Feeling like I couldn't do it, even if I walked my entire life, I couldn't bring my little beam of light to each and every person. The light had seem large when I saw it from a distance but now that I looked at the darkness, it felt so insufficient.

You are a beam of light.

But the Lord encouraged me that He is the one that brings the light. The source of this light we hold is from Jesus Himself, and from the heavenly realms. So it holds exceptional power, even if it may seem insignificant compared to its surrounding.

And guess what? You are a beam of light also. And the Lord has chosen you to walk around, and keep on walking through person after person, performing the role of the light-bearers we were called to be: share the gospel, pray for people, bring love and forgiveness when others bring destruction and hatred, guide people in the Lord, and live in the truth of the Bible in order to always defeat the plans of the enemy.

There are people in the world that have no relationship with God, and in some ways they are easier to pray for (at least that's how I see it), for we know the gospel and how to share it. However, this vision from Jesus shows us that there are many Christians, people calling themselves our brothers and sisters in Christ, that are in fact asleep. People that claim to be following Jesus but are completely oblivious to the darkness they are shrouded in. And what's worse, there are others that feel the light shine upon their face, and hear the voice of Jesus calling them out of slumber, and still they refuse to get up. They force their eyes shut to the truth and plug in their ears because they know that if they woke up, change would be required, sacrifice, new responsibility and a new way of living. So they'd rather remain cooped up on the ground, hiding in darkness and pretending they didn't see anything.

Choosing to stay asleep may be withholding the light from reaching people under you.

If you are someone that knows the Lord has been calling out at you to wake up, but you've been afraid to, remember also that you are most likely withholding the light from reaching people under you: people you are related to, friends that could only find Jesus through you, and so on. But also remember, that Jesus doesn't give us a burden and let us carry it alone. Yes, I did feel overwhelmed initially, but He came with His sweet voice and comforted me that He is right beside me. All I have to do is walk. And He will give me the strength to keep stepping forward.

Pray that the Lord reveals the truth to you.

Pray that the Lord reveals the truth to you: are you asleep? Pray that He may wake you up, show Him that you are done living in ignorance. And if you are another beam of light, then pray that He continues to motivate you forward and help you get unstuck if at any point you remained somewhere for too long.

Remember, the more lights shooting down from the sky, the faster it will be to wake up the sleeping, and the faster we will help clear out the darkness and open the gateway to our eternal home.

"Be up and awake to what God is doing! God is putting the finishing touches on the salvation work he began when we first believed." Romans 13:11, MSG


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