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Worship Brings Miracles

Worship is a trigger of miracles: read two true, supernatural experiences I've had of how worship changed the natural.

Worship is known for its powerful effect on our lives and the spiritual battle. But another thing that we may forget worship is a trigger of miracles.

I experienced some things this past week that I thought were a phenomenal way of seeing the Lord answering to our worship and I hope they inspire you the way they did me:


A little bird came and worshiped the Lord with me

"Beside them the birds of the heavens dwell; they sing among the branches."

(Psalm 104:12)

I was sat by my window one morning singing praises to the Lord. I had had my morning devotional and was simply gazing out of my window onto the sky outside and the branches that swayed gently with the breeze. The view outside my bedroom window is of a small but stunning forest: trees stand tall and speak for every season. They fill my mornings with such ambience and always magnify the presence of God.

As I leaned back onto the wall, my eyes filled with awe at God's beautiful creation, I began to sing to my first love. My voice began to rise and spiritual songs poured out of me in worship of my Creator. I knew the Holy Spirit lay there with me, swaying me with peace and contentment yet again.

As my eyes kept peeking through the window, birds began to soar through the trees. Some sat on branches, other hopped from place to place. Then suddenly, one of the small birds flew really close to my window then passed it. It was either a robin or a sparrow -- I'm not too familiar with distinguishing them. But it had the stubby shape of a sparrow and the brown shade of a robin.

My worship to the Lord was in full swing, so my mind and eyes were on him only, occasionally pulled again to the top of my window. Before long, I realised that the very same bird that flew toward me earlier was sat on the roof above my window. I was amazed at how it kept leaning down its head from the roof in order to look below and into my window.

A large smile was pasted across my face, I felt it rising up to my ears. I had made a little friend. It was like the bird had heard me singing -- although the window was securely shut. Its behaviour was like that of a child: leaning its head upside down in order to satisfy its curiosity. Then, it even flew down a few times in order to stand and view into the window clearly. It was flying in place. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. This was all going on whilst I was giving praises to the Lord and singing with the Holy Spirit. In a way, I felt like the robin had come to join me in worship.

Don't forget the magnificent beauty that worship can bring to your life!

This went on for a good few minutes before I stopped singing and the bird flew away. But the experience stuck with me ever since. It taught me how powerful worship truly is, that even nature inevitably responds to the Lord. So don't forget the magnificent beauty that worship can bring to your life, the supernatural experiences and the connection between the spiritual and the physical.


The Lord changed the colour of the sky for me.

"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork."

(Psalm 19:1)

'I look up to the heavens, where does my help come from?' This verse kept going through my mind all day last week. All day, trying to keep my sight lifted up to the Lord, and working with my spirit. This day wasn't one of the best, I'll be honest: it was one of those where my spirit felt low and my heart was tired. My mouth was speaking truth but my mind was struggling to believe it. Sometimes those days follow us and work to steal our joy.

In the afternoon, I was praying in a room with large windows that always face the sunset. It was late afternoon and the sun hadn't set yet. However, the sky was completely grey, covered in clouds with no sense of where the sun was whatsoever: much less any perception of colour.

My eyes would look up now and then as I spoke to the Lord, losing myself in the grey of the sky. It felt like the entire view symbolised my whole life in that moment. However, I decided I didn't want to remain in a place of self-pity and a downcast spirit. I was speaking to the Lord Almighty at the end of the day, and He has the power to change the colour of the sky in nothing but a moment. So I picked myself back up again and prayed and worshiped from a place of hope and victory.

I began to sing to my ferocious God declaring the conqueror identity that He placed over me. Later, my eyes looked up again a few times. When I did, I could see that the bottom of the grey sky before me started to turn blue. As I continued to sing and worship, the colour continued to rise and paint the whole grey cloud into blue.

Later, the worship somehow painted the sky and I could then see that the entire sky has actually been purple this whole time— it wasn’t grey at all.

As I continued to lift my hands and worship, as I sang with my spirit raised, I saw the brightest, most vivid pink painted across the bottom of the sky. It was like the sun was hiding just behind the horizon.

The Lord truly taught me how much my perspective can bring life or death to a situation.

I couldn't believe the way the sky's grey continued to change and shift. The strange thing was that if I stared too long at it in disbelief, it was like the grey came back. However, the minute I'd shut my eyes and picture the blue colour again, I'd open them and there it was again: a most exquisite sunset. It was such a peaceful time with the Lord and He truly taught me that day how much my perspective can bring life or death to a situation: it's all dependant on what eyes I looked with.


So first thing we learn is, don't forget the magnificent beauty that worship can bring to your life, the supernatural experiences and the connection between the spiritual and the physical. Even creation itself loves joining you in worship because it knows who its creator is and it adores flourishing for Him. It's part of our natural beings to worship: we are made for it, therefore we cannot live without it.

And secondly, it's so true that worship and praise brings life back into us. And turns our greys to colour. The power of worship not only lifts your spirit but clears your situation. Don't get me wrong, that sky was grey, for when I finished my time with the Lord and looked at it again, it was definitely physically grey, but it was my vision that mattered: I was seeing with my spiritual eyes, and what you can see when you look through the eyes of worship and adoration is truly spectacular.


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