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Once Upon a Time

Read my new poem of the fairy-tale wedding that the Lord promises us.

'Once upon a time

In a kingdom far away'

Were words that once arose,

Hope born where they lay.

The fairy-tale made the norm

To do more than survive,

To fall in love and dream away,

To use your heart in the strife.

Now my eyes fall for fire

Of the spirit within.

My soul sings for the Lord,

Amazed at where I’d been.

These are days full of minutes,

And hours full of days.

Tears feel misplaced

Like a needless, delicate lace.

Yet I cry and still dream

Of the groom up ahead

In your kingdom, that blessed day

Where your church will be wed.

My face beaming with light,

Body no longer made.

Your eyes melting my heart:

I’m chosen and changed.

Don’t let my light flicker

Out of its steady beat.

Come forth, oh righteous flame

Burn with holy heat.


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