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Pick yourself up again

Learn how to ensure you do not let yourself fall to the ground in promises unfulfilled: the way to remain steady and hopeful!

The second we are born, the first thing we want is comfort. Attention. Love. And throughout our lives, that desire continues to manifest and progress. However, even as adults we still tend to seek that same attention and desire for comfort in one way or another. Especially in our spiritual journey.

A lot of times we can go through trials and hardships and be in need of constant uplifting from people. We search for encouragement, for a mother to wipe a tear, a partner to give us a hug, a friend to offer some advice. And whilst that is a beautiful part of humanity, we find ourselves sometimes seeking that comfort just because it's nicer than having to lift your own self up.

Isaiah 40:31 tells us how those who trust the Lord will soar on wings like eagles and renew their strength. That means that all we must do in order to be strong and soar above our problems into a bliss of contentment and peace is to trust in the Lord and have faith in Him. That means that it's up to us to allow the Holy Spirit to lift us higher.

It's up to us to allow the Holy Spirit to lift us higher.

However, whether it's laziness, fear, doubt, fatigue -- or whatever the excuse may be -- we tend to allow ourselves to fall, just so someone else can come and lift us up.

We do not need lifting unless we have fallen. But sometimes we are on our way down, we are unsteady, wavering, and still have time to straighten ourselves back up again without any need to touch the ground. Yet, we decide: let me fall, let me think those thoughts, let me doubt everything I've ever believed, let me drop my faith to the very lowest point I ever have because if I do that, it'll be someone else's responsibility to come and lift me up. I won't have to do it myself. Someone will pull me up eventually.

Of course, I don't want to be insensitive to those that have genuinely reached a point of self-destruction and defeat: those moments are vital for your journey in Christ. And yes, you will find genuine comfort and uplifting in your brothers and sisters, and of course in your Heavenly Father, so be open to receive it and don't accept your downfall to define you.

However, I'm addressing those that tend to fall a few too many times. People that know better and still make mistakes that they learnt in kindergarten. I'm certainly one of them. We do not need to let ourselves fall in order to be lifted. We should lift ourselves with the truth every moment, even when it's just a small wobble and we think we'll be fine: strengthen yourself in the Lord even then, so that that wobble will be fixed, not simply ignored until it cuts your ability to stand altogether.

We do not need to let ourselves fall in order to be lifted.

Lately I've noticed I have a tendency to doubt the promises the Lord has given me. When the Lord gives us a promise, it is a promise fulfilled. We know how important it is to remain in faith over our promises: because they take time and patience to witness in the physical. We know these things, and we see so many examples in the bible: Abraham, Moses, Esther, Joseph, David, Hannah, Jesus himself! Yet why do we still think that our situation will be different? Why do we think that the promise the Lord gave us will show itself in a matter of hours, in one change of season or even within the year? Of course every promise has its own waiting time.

But the Lord's timing is very different to our own. He works in ways we do not understand but that doesn't mean we should stop believing and allow ourselves to hit the ground of discouragement and doubt because our eyes don't see what the Lord is clearly working on.

The Holy Spirit reminded me this morning that declaring bible truths over myself and my identity, decreeing that the promises God gave me are not forgotten are what keeps my mind in check. We need to control our thoughts and not allow our mind to fly everywhere. It's tempting and it's easy to. And like mentioned before, it's somewhat relieving to even let ourselves drown in doubt because we think, eh, if anyone cares it'll be their job to come and clean me off, that way I can mellow in my low self-esteem and my depression and stop fighting so hard.

Never do any of it alone. Don't assume this is done in your own strength -- it's only by the power of your saviour that it'll reach victory. So give credit where credit is due. This is why declaring the bible over yourself is so important: it reminds you who you are. A child of God, a conqueror, a fighter, a victor, a blessed son and daughter, one that holds the favour of the Lord, a true and genuine threat to the devil. You are strong because Jesus named you His. He gave you authority, priority and ability in the spirit. Use them and remind yourself every day who you are and that doubt and fear hold no power over you.

When the Lord gives us a promise, it is a promise fulfilled.

Let's start this year with a new way of approaching our day to day. A way where we are prepared and we put on our armour even when there doesn't seem to be any use for it, even when there's no clear battle to face, even when things are nothing but full blessing and peace. Let us keep up a strong mentality, a hearty spirit where we are not only waiting for others to pick us up but we are the ones lifting them. Let us yearn to be used by the Holy Spirit for it is far more rewarding than simply receiving a word of encouragement. Go and help those that need lifting, and let your Jesus, your Holy Saviour lift you in private, even when you just wobble. That way, falling all the way to the ground will be much more rare and will prove the strength within you.

Weeping may last through the night but joy comes in the morning.

There's nothing wrong with being weak, with falling, with wobbling. It'll happen inevitably. But I've found that if you remember who you are and if the Word of the Lord is inscribed in you and your face, eyes, mouth and heart, falling will not mean as much, because you'll know the nature of your humanity that much more. Because wisdom will guide you, goodness and mercy will follow you and you will know when pride hits also because every moment is lead in truth by the all powerful, redeeming and pure spirit of our living God.

As for promises unfulfilled, there'll be so much more hope if you train to pick yourself up every time. And even when those inevitable low moments come -- because this won't necessarily make them end forever -- it'll only last a moment. As Psalm 30 says, weeping may last through the night but joy comes in the morning.


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