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What is God to You?

A powerful vision God showed me teaching true honour and the importance of spiritual awareness

I was in a late night prayer meeting a while back; it was private, small and inside the house of a church member. I was so incredibly excited because the prayer meetings that have less than 10 people and have everyone fully dedicated to standing for the same thing can always be such an open door to fire falling from heaven.

We had been praying for half an hour or so, yet the Spirit was not stirring to the degree I had expected. I pushed through and pushed through and people were mentioning out loud how joyous and powerful the presence of the Lord was. Yet, I sensed nothing.

I even opened my eyes, looked around, tried to depict what was going on. I had left my house that night filled with the Spirit, beaming and ready for the spiritual war zone. But everyone in the room was telling me there was only joy and blessing. Yet, I didn't feel joy and I certainly didn't hear blessing come in.

Something was off.

I then tuned out everyone else and just knelt down in private to speak to the Lord. The Spirit quickly revealed to me visions and prophetic awareness of what was happening in the Spirit, and it left me stunned.

I saw angels of the Lord covering us from above, sizes and strength beyond belief.

I saw a large battleground surrounding us as a group with attack after attack: arrows, fire, dirt. Just outside our prayer circle was a rope on the ground outlining us all. I saw angels of the Lord covering us from above, sizes and strength beyond belief. Jesus stood above us all looking down on us in full protection, complete control and constant attention. All I wanted to do was cry at His love and how much He cared for us. The only thing the Holy Spirit was telling me was Praise Him!

So I did. But as I did my best to glorify Him, I felt like it didn't even make the smallest difference because I was so small. It felt like a lifetime of singing praises to Him and it may just start making a tiny impact, but even then, it wouldn't be close to enough.

The first thing I wanted was for the whole room to roar in praise and worship at His present protection but when I came back into the physical, all I was hearing was requests: Lord, do this, get us that, make me this, give me that. Give us a quadruple blessing this year, one that'll outweigh all the others, and so on and so on.

Yet, He, as the King, serves us, the servants, more than we serve Him.

I couldn't believe my ears. The Spirit within me wept at the lack of honour people supplied to the King: the King who kept them alive, who was literally holding them up in the middle of such battle, the One who with one simple move could leave us all defenceless and completely hopeless. Yet He stayed, and chose us over and over again. And in that moment, honestly, it kind of felt like, for what? It didn't look to me like Jesus was getting anything. He certainly wasn't getting our praise, worship or deserving honour. And yet, He, as the King, served us, the servants, more than we served Him: the One who is owed all honour and servitude.

So I encourage you today to take a look at your life, to desire real spiritual awareness and to consider, what is God to you? If you could see Him in the Spirit completely and physically aware of His power and magnitude, would your first response really be... a request? Would you really be asking before thanking? Demanding before honouring? There is nothing wrong with bringing our requests to the Lord, in fact, it's Biblical to do so. Only, what breaks my heart is when we live life to only treat God as a fixer: fix my life, fix my health, fix my relationship, fix my finances. Okay, well, when He does it, what do you then do with a fixer? Well, just like a glue gun or a screwdriver--the problem is fixed, so it gets put away until the next time you need it.

That is not salvation. And that is certainly not a relationship. Plus, sometimes, unlike a screwdriver that'll always do the expected, God will sometimes say no. And yet, instead of remaining faithful to Him, honouring and remembering it is still Him that is greater and knows better, we blame Him, becoming angry with Him. And don't get me wrong, I've had my moments too. But I hate it. I hate even the idea of being mad at God because it is spiritually a complete oxymoron. How can you be upset with something/someone you don't fully understand, know or grasp? God's priority is not to be understood, but to be obeyed. And to obey, we need to trust.

God's priority is not to be understood, but to be obeyed. And to obey, we need to trust.

From the beginning, the enemy's favourite weapon is lying. He masks and blinds you from the truth in order that the battle you are under, the danger you are facing, you do not flee, you do not leave and you do not give God the glory. Let's consider our Christian values for a second today and really study whether we are balancing it all, or whether we're sticking with what's easy or more beneficial for us. Or maybe you're one of the people in that prayer group: praying and asking God and living joyfully thinking everything is peachy, God is blessing you, and nothing is wrong. All whilst a battle rages around you.

Pray with me:

Jesus, I want to thank you and honour you as King and Reigning God of all that is good and pure and loving. Thank you for saving me again and again, when I know it and when I don't. Thank you for the yeses in my life and for your blessings, but thank you also for your no's. Thank you because only with your hand over my life do I know true salvation and genuine love. I am and will never be anything more than a speck of dust, and yet you care for me, you died for me, and you would do it all again. And Lord, come and open my eyes to any battle, dangers or choices in my life that I should be interceding and praying for more. Forgive me. Show me the truth, no matter how hard it is to hear it, how hard my pride or ego may be hit, I want to always live in truth and in light.


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Jun 21, 2023

Thank you for sharing, this was an interesting read. I have seen it in churches before... People treating God as a gift giving genie... Lord have mercy.... I'd be interested to know if you had any advice or experience of handling such matters, Sometimes the hardest part of being a Christiab is be dealing with others in the church... and God tells us how important it is to fellowship with our brothers and sisters... Really enjoying your blog . God bless you 🙏🏼 ☦📿❣

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