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The War of God and Man

A poem of true inspiration looking at God's great power and how man tries to take Him on

There is simple in the truth.

So why does man yet complicate

to mix those colours

when God said use but one?

What leads us to think

we know and can do better?

I’m sorry Jesus for the times we stand against

and blur the truth for the sake of fingerprints.

Forgive your people for this ignorance,

lack of sharpness and respect

Why do we forget His power,

is He God, or is it you?

What if our hands lifted instead of carried

if we bowed instead of ran

if we sang instead of shouted

if we just listened to the Crown?

We owe you everything my King:

omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent

How many truly know you though?

Do I? Or do I merely hope so?

Tell me what displeases you

Shine your light within;

Let us not play but truly worship,

bring honour to the King

Lord, you look at man and that’s all you need:

All you need to love and cherish,

all you need to bless and cover

just to know it’s your creation—

You just fix your eyes on me

Oh sweet Jesus: I long only

Yours forevermore to be

(Dive even deeper with this poem in my Podcast: Bold and Virtuous:


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