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What to Pray over your Husband

Powerful prayers that are vital to pray over your future husband, whether you've met yet or not.

Don't think that praying for your future husband should only begin when you are dating or engaged. It is just as important that you pray for him when you are single as it is then: if not more so.

I've been praying for my husband since I was 17, and I still am. That's over ten years of interceding for the same man. Imagine yourself: what difference would it make in your life to know that someone is always praying for you? There is power in prayer, there is protection, blessing and great reward. So, never falter from praying for your spouse; and that counts for whatever situation you're in, single, dating, engaged, married, long-time married. Never cease to pray for the one who is 'one flesh' with you.

Below are seven prayers I've written with the Holy Spirit that you can pray on a daily basis over your future husband (and marriage). Prayers that involve vital topics to remember in intercession. Pray them over him, and expand them in your own words and knowledge. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to what truly applies to you and your future marriage and what other additional topics you can pray for on a regular basis:

1. Protection

Dear Jesus, I pray that your blood always covers my husband. Let him be protected wherever he goes, lest he cast his foot against a stone. Let him always seek to be with you and for you. Give him awareness when he is in danger, whether physical or spiritual, and get him out of there. I pray that you bless my husband to be a man of protection also. One who always strives to protect his loved ones, and shows courage for me, as a future wife, and for our future children. Bless him with boldness, authority and valour as the future head of our family, and may you, Lord, always be his head. In the name of Jesus, amen.

2. Wisdom

Holy Father, I pray that you anoint my husband with wisdom from the highest heavens. Let him be a man who practices wisdom and always seeks it. Let him always know the difference between foolishness and wisdom and seek the latter. I pray that he loves your word, reads and studies it daily with a great thirst, for I know only from the Bible can true wisdom be found. I pray that he practices a great deal of reverence for you, God, as his heavenly Father, and that the fear of the Lord is deeply rooted in him, for it is the fear of the Lord that is the beginning of great wisdom. So I declare that now, tomorrow and in our future marriage, my husband will display great wisdom, allowing his family to trust him as a true leader in Christ. In Jesus' name, amen.

3. Provision

Dear Lord Jesus, let my future husband be blessed in abundance with provision from your hand and your hand alone. I pray that he is a hard-worker as you called all men to be. I pray that he exemplifies the meaning of being a man of God by his diligence and hard work and a spirit of perseverance. I pray, let him always have the hand of a provider over me as his wife, and for his future children. Let it be something he does in love and never bickering. Let him be grateful and honoured to have a home to provide for and to do it in you. I pray he is always grateful to you Jesus, that he has faith in your favour of provision over him, and that he never forgets to praise and worship you for all that he achieves. In Jesus' name, amen.

4. Character

Holy King, I pray for the character of my husband. You are the one who can help, develop and grow him. He cannot do it alone. So Jesus, I pray: bless and mould him into the man he is truly called to be--a reflection of you, Jesus. I pray for humility, for strength, for kindness, compassion and truth. I pray that lies never sit on his tongue but only life comes out. I pray that his outlook on life is one of peace, joy and light. Let him always strive to be a better man, and never think he is just fine as he is or in no need of growth. I pray for true humility to follow him, to teach him and to hold him up through abundance or lack. You know what he needs, so I pray that he is filled with more of it, and that you help him fight his flesh, fight the temptations of the enemy. Jesus, lift him up to be the man you called him to be and to serve the roles he is meant to serve with confidence and boldness, in his household, in the church and in his work. In Jesus' name, amen.

5. Love

Dear Lord Jesus, I speak love over my future husband. I pray that you envelop him in your love, let him always know that he is loved, feel loved and learn how to love also. Please keep him close to your heart where he sees that he is the apple of your eye, and in seeing that, spends his life in worship and loving you in return. I pray that he is a loving man toward anyone who crosses his path, because as you said, Lord, if we hate our brothers but say we love you, we are liars. Do not let him be a liar. Let him always love and love with the love of Christ and not just his own earthly love that is limited and fleeting: let it be the eternal, everlasting and endless love that Jesus, you displayed on the cross. I pray that if he struggles with this, Holy Spirit, strengthen him and encourage him to still desire to practice love, no matter the difficulty. I pray he loves me as his wife, not just in word but in deed, and that he loves our future children in faithfulness and kindness. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

6. Spiritual Maturity

Holy King, I bring my husband before you and I declare that you and his relationship with you may always be first in all things. I pray that you, Jesus, are first in his life, above himself, above me and everyone else. I pray that you are always what he seeks first and I declare, with your help, I will always encourage him to continue prioritising his relationship with you for I know the power that that carries. In the name of Jesus, let him be mature in the Spirit, filled with understanding, have a deep thirst for Your Word and grasp its message, as well as always be diligent in speaking the truth without any shame or fear. Let him be a man who worships and sings to you and loses himself in your presence daily. I pray that his eyes are open to the truth and closed from all worldly ways and doctrines, and that his self-esteem and integrity comes from only you: not from man, or church, or ministry. As much as I pray that you bless him with a spiritual ministry in the kingdom, I pray that it always remains below his relationship with you, and below his duties as a man, for nothing can be done properly without it. In the name of Jesus, amen.

7. Role

Lord Jesus, I thank you for my husband and I thank you for the future you have prepared for us. Thank you for blessing him and blessing me, for giving us both the grace to wait for one another, and to pray for each other. I pray that you prepare him as a husband, as you're preparing me as a wife. Let him seek to prepare in his spirit and in his physical life and teach him the meaning of marriage that we may be on the same page when we come together. Jesus, I bless him as a husband and not just as a man, that he may always choose to step into the role of husband fully committed and completely devoted to me as his wife and to our family. If he still struggles with the meaning of marriage because of this world's twisted idea of it, you teach him, God. Open his ears to hear it directly from the One who created marriage to begin with. Let him treasure it always, respect it and in turn respect me as his wife, and treasure our relationship: fighting for it with an open mind and readiness to change and receive change. Bless my husband and help us both accept one another as we are and trust you for putting us together. In the holy name of Jesus, amen.


If we all pray these prayers over our husbands, imagine what an incredible revolution of men will come out of it!

So let's start lifting our men in prayer and declaring strength and victory for and through them today.


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