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Bold and Virtuous is a Podcast!

The Bold and Virtuous blog has officially become a podcast! Start listening now!

The Lord has inspired me more than ever to take my passion for writing this blog and my desire to create a podcast, and bring them together!

Upon prayer and deep reflection, I've finally started taking action on this dream and I couldn't be more excited for the journey to come. As a bonus to starting this podcast, the first three episodes are already uploaded and available to listen on all podcast platforms.

Join me as we talk about self-esteem, identity, the word of God, growing in the Spirit, prophecy, spiritual gifts, insecurity, womanhood, comparison, relationships, friendships, ministry and so much more! Remember you can comment any suggestions of topics you'd like to see talked about, and ask any questions below or on my social media!

May this podcast bring you joy and peace as you listen: let's grow together and continue to strive more and more to become those bold and virtuous women together.


Start listening across all podcast platforms:

Radio Public, and more!


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