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Let's end COVID-19 together!

URGENT message to all of God's children: PRAY!

Today's post is a little different. Jesus gave me a warning, and I want to pass it on.

This is a an important message to all who are saved and call themselves children of God. If Christ is your Lord and Savior, then you have the power to bring the world's situation to an end.

The Lord has told me personally, and through others, that the world is currently in darkness and the devil is trying to bring forth a spirit of anxiety, panic and to steal all forms of joy and peace. And if we don't do more, this attack will only lengthen through time. We have far more power in this than the enemy would like us to know.

But there is something you can do!

My sister had an incredible, truth-revealing dream where the Lord showed her the reality of what is happening in the world right now. And if you think that none of this has to do with the spiritual, then you are believing the lie of the enemy. COVID is all about the spiritual, and about tearing down the army of the Lord.

This isn't a post trying to get you through this and convince you that there are lessons to be learnt and that this season has a purpose, this is to bring awareness to all those that hold the lamp of truth in their hearts that prayer is needed!

Prayer is needed.

Join me and let's pray for the following prayer requests, which will in turn defeat the enemy's plan, extinguish all forms of darkness currently ruling over our world leaders and current health situation.

The solution to COVID-19 is not a vaccine. That may come as a surprise, but that's not what will win this war. What will win it is fasting, prayer, intercession and carrying the lamp of light that Jesus handed you when you gave your life to Him. That is what has the power to extinguish COVID off the face of the earth, leaving it powerless and insignificant.

And yes, we are in a spiritual battle right now. Every soldier counts, every single prayer, every word muttered, every heart holding onto to hope and saying no to panic and darkness. So what will you do?

Pick up your sword and fight:

  1. Let's pray that light annihilates darkness.

  2. Let's pray that peace surrounds the earth along with joy and love.

  3. Let's pray that anxiety, panic and distress all die in the name of Jesus across all nations.

  4. Let's pray for our world leaders and the battle between good and evil amongst those with titles: that only the ones who hold light and truth gain the victory.

  5. Let's pray that the mask dies along with the symptoms of COVID and all its growing/decreasing figures.

  6. Let's pray for our brothers and sisters in this time of war, that we may continue to believe in Jesus Christ our God, and declare every day that He is king!

  7. Let's share this need for prayer with others and pray that the Lord opens the eyes of more and more people to the truth.

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Milton Pereira
Milton Pereira
Oct 20, 2020

Yes! It's time.

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