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Your Identity is Under Attack

A prophetic warning about the current attack on identities and how the enemy plans to take God's army down from the inside!

Just recently, me and my sisters in Christ met together to pray, confess and open ourselves up in the Spirit. The Lord truly came through and exposed various things that not only took me a little by surprise but enticed me to tell others.

For a few weeks beforehand, I had been experiencing a great deal of battles inside my mind: panic attacks, feelings of unworthiness, insufficiency, anxiety, constant fear of being exposed and pure doubt in what I am or what I've wanted to become. These thoughts hadn't been an issue with me since around two years ago when I finally defeated the enemy of low self-esteem and completely rid my heart, mind and spirit of him. After that, those thoughts disappeared and even if they tried returning, they had no power over me anymore.

Our God is not a God of half-done, of work almost finished or enemies defeated only a fraction.

So you can see why I was so confused when these thoughts that seemed so closely related to low self-esteem starting having power over me again. A friend of mine suggested that perhaps it wasn't all defeated previously. I sat with the Lord and considered this. Upon further reflection I realised that was impossible: our God is not a God of half-done, of work almost finished or enemies defeated only a fraction. He is a conqueror through and through. When you allow Him to truly defeat that enemy you're facing they never have power over you again. Therefore I knew it wasn't that the battle wasn't completely won. But it's that the enemy had changed its tactic.

The Holy Spirit shared a mighty warning with me last weekend. I was praying when I suddenly saw a vision of my sisters (some brothers too, but the majority was the women of the Kingdom of Heaven) all in the middle of battle. There was the scene of a war before me. All coloured in dark colours of black and red. There was blood on people's armour and sounds of swords swashbuckling along with demons fighting against them. The Lord clearly told me "There is a war of identity at the moment."

The devil aims straight at women's identity and he has changed his usual tactic.

The Spirit revealed to me how the devil's target right now is for women in particular. He will aim straight for their identity, and do so like never before: steal their entire identity and work to break the very foundation they've been standing on for years in order that they will not only fall but not have any motivation to stand up again.

This was immediately confirmed when I thought of the last few weeks I had been facing, as well as how the very friends I had been praying with had just finished sharing how they themselves were going through similar issues of self-esteem, fears or self-doubt like never before. Each one may have had different situations, but at the heart of it, they all consistent of the same core: identity.

Now that you know the truth, here's what to remember:

So I'm here today to tell you my sister that if you are feeling low, discouraged, weaker than usual, at war with yourself, or even at war with God, there is more going on.

The enemy doesn't want you to know his tactic in order that he stay in the shadows while you suffer and bleed. But I'm here today to reveal his plans, to encourage and remind you:

  • You are not alone.

  • Lord Jesus has already won this war, so learn to use His victory in your battle.

  • You are a child of God, and that alone--above all else--is the most important part of you. So don't worry about what you have or haven't achieved. This is all you need to define you.

  • You are beautiful, strong, and can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

  • The destiny the Lord has promised you is in His hands, don't take it in your own and think it's all up to you: your Heavenly Father has you.

  • Surrender all your hurt and heartache to the Lord, and let Him ease your pain.

  • Any disappointment you feel do not change His love for you.

  • You are a conqueror and it is the devil that should be afraid of you, not the other way around.

  • Keep on fighting the good fight, for in Christ ALL things are POSSIBLE!

I'm praying for you, and urge you to pray for your other sisters (and brothers) in the kingdom, in order that the Lord may continue to open our eyes. For when we know the name of the enemy, he can no longer hide from us. Some of us are not even aware we are at war, that's why it's vital that everyone is told, in order that we put on the armour of Christ and pick up the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) and defend ourselves.

Don't allow the enemy to convince you that these are your personal issues and you're the only one to blame. Aim your arrows at the true culprit. And remember: you have the all-time victor on your side. And with Him, you can never lose a battle!

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