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Let us walk on water!

Here's a letter from Jesus to help you have faith. Can you walk on water with Him?

I find myself swimming through waves lately. For a moment, it looked like nothing was happening, then an entire storm overwhelmed me. Sometimes all we want to do is look down at the waves and panic in fear and anxiety at how they will eat us up and swallow us so deep we will never find the surface again. But here's what the Lord has to say about it:

Peter, look at me.

It's okay. Just keep your eyes on me and you will have faith.

If you just stare into my eyes, nothing will scare you or distract you from the peace I give you. Keep your eyes -- and with your eyes, your heart and thoughts-- on me. With your focus you see what is possible in me, not what could be possible in the world. Look at me and allow my certainty to carry you above the water. Allow my faith in you and my spirit to carry and make you float for so long you won’t even remember what it means to sink anymore.

Come, hold my hand. Trust me.

Why don’t you trust me? Trust I won’t let you fall.

If you take my hand and believe in me, then also believe that I won’t let you fall or fail or lose who you are and what I have for you.

Look up.

Don’t look at the waves beneath: your enemies and your fears. Doubt only comes to pull you away from me.

I am the way, the truth and the life: if I am the truth then I am the only one you should listen to. It’s me and me alone. I promised you a life of sanctuary, one that’ll lift up my name, so why are you doubting what it'll become?

My words never come back void. If I call out your name, even the storm itself will stop and allow you to pass. For nothing can withhold the power of my voice.

If you have me by your side, who can you fear?

It's me. You know me. I only want good things for you. I am faithful, will never leave nor forsake you.

I love you.

More than I did yesterday.

But not as much as I will tomorrow.

So let us sing for joy for there is a well of goodness in the Lord. It's a well running over seeking to bless, to deliver, provide and lift us higher. How beautiful is it to have this hope and faith in our Christ Jesus! How incredible is it, my brothers and sisters, to have a source of goodness and joy that just keeps on giving and is never limited by this world! Believe with me.

Oh what a joy it is to live with Christ; to go to sleep perplexed and worried one night then wake up the next morning with such hope and faith. He lifts us up with the rising of the sun, so give today another chance, maybe it's your breakthrough. Maybe it's not. But remember, delay is not denial.

So will you join me?

Will you walk on water with me?


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