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Only Just This Morning

A Christian poem about the power of change and how it holds no regard for time

How much can change

in the space of just a day…


How much emotion

can come and flee again:

One can fall in love

or give up hoping for it.

A heart can take it,

or just decide to break.


Tell me, was my heart already planted,

all before my mind had noticed?


How hope crushes to the ground

in even less than time…

One day is all it takes

for things to shift away.

No time but moments

of true yeses and mere nos,

turning instants of decisions

into where am I once more:


A whole new place to yesterday.

A whole new start of pain.


When the sun begins to move

I spot new raindrops,

And they wonder what…

How did I get here,

a mistake perhaps?

Now it is a different view;

Oh what a distant place I was

without forewarning,

only just

this morning.


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