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There is Purpose - Encouragement Word

Get uplifted today with this quick Word of Encouragement and remind yourself that purpose lies in the shortcoming

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My whole life I always sought purpose, sought it so desperately that I even made up my own puropse sometimes only to say that my mistakes had a reason and they were 'necessary' to carry out. We know very well that God turns all things for good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28), but that will never mean that those mistakes are excused. It just means He is good enough to take those crooked roads and straighten them. The encouraging thing is knowing that He does not throw those mistakes back in our face, or those trials as mere punishment but rather holds our hand through them, and uses them to lift us higher.

Trust and hold onto the hope and faith that God knows what He’s doing.

I learned recently that purpose is something that encapsulates all of our wonderings, our doubts, fears, questions on why hasn’t it happened yet, why am I still waiting, why are things not going the way I thought? Why is this failing? There is so much answer in God's purpose and plan for our lives, but the issue is most of the time we don’t know what that purpose truly is. And if we do know it, we have no clue how we’ll get there.

But that’s exactly the point. That we don’t know nor can we get there alone. It is through God alone that it is possible. So be encouraged today that all the downs and obstacles in your life will make sense one day. They are all adding up to create that bridge helping you overcome and cross over into God's destiny for you. So do not fret and worry. Do not let fear encapsulate you with feelings of failure or anxiety of the unknown, but rather trust and hold onto the hope and faith that God knows what He’s doing and He is in control. For great faith will be rewarded with great blessing. This isn’t me preaching prosperity. It’s me merely reminding you, as God reminded me, that everything happens for a reason and that you are not ignored and certainly not forgotten.

Take a moment today to allow the Holy Ghost to uplift your spirit and remind you that purpose lies in it all: that your failures and shortcomings are not what determines your future. Your current situation is not the end of it all. There is far more to come, far greater and far more lasting!

Great faith will be rewarded with great blessing.


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