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The Love Jar

The poem of a girl who searched to fill the empty jar of love in her heart

Loneliness never deserted me.

People did.

I saw my heart last night:

an empty jar of crystal glass.

Larger than most,

emptier than others.

The wind blew, chilled every inch.

Even spiderwebs refused to gather.

Hearts began to collect at last,

they carefully settled amongst others.

A big one filled the middle once

with thrill and passionate desire.

When more gathered, others left.

Hands pulled out and took their love.

Some stayed a moment, others a time.

I sit here, half empty again.

More trembling hearts

ready to leave or on their way.

The little girl inside me

dreamed of a prince

whose heart would stay forever.

Yet only imposters burst in:

back and forth they went,

reaching in and pulling out.

The jar had no cover.

She sealed the opening herself.

A guard before the entrance

yet hearts still lifted out,

or scattered into dust.

A man named Jesus found his way in.

He filled the jar,

almost reached the brim.

This Jesus whispered:

You need more or you will die.

I gazed at the jar:

hands still clenching as a cover.

I'd shut the door myself.

‘I do need more’ I said,

tears washing mellow cheeks.

The void tickled my palms.

This man’s love was different.

He had told me that.

Like jelly, it spread,

glued all hearts together.

When one left, his love stayed.

You need more, the prince repeated.

He lifted up the jar.

Shudders of fear erupted in me.

Chest beating to breaking point,

my breath raced ahead in sobs:

all inside an endless blur.

‘Will you take your love out, too?’

Wails pierced my voice.

A gradual quench started within,

swept me up,

and bathed me in peace.

My heart was beating.

Louder. Fiercer.

I noticed the jar:

he found a waterfall for it.

It became so full

it overflowed.


and again.

You’ll never be empty here.

Eyes in tears,

I thanked the prince

whose love spelled out relief.

A whispered ‘I’m sorry'.

A smile on my face.

‘I receive your love completely.’

The waterfall washed over us,

blended together like colours.

‘I’m scared I’ll still need more,’

came a whisper from within me.

Stay here with me,

there'll always be more.

My love will never end,

never grow empty.


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